Rubrik Launches First SaaS Dev Platform for Data-Management Apps

Cloud data management and storage provider Rubrik on April 4 launched what it boldly described as the industry’s first cloud-based platform developers can use to create data-management applications.

Companies such as Oracle, Delphix, VMware, NetApp, Dremio and a few others may not totally agree with that statement. Nonetheless, Rubrik claimed that its new Polaris platform upgrades the data management developer-tool market–specifically when it comes to backup/recovery, archival, and disaster recovery–by providing a global policy framework, workflow orchestration and deep data intelligence as cloud- delivered applications.

While Rubrik’s platform also works in both on-premises and cloud systems, it also is able to handle NoSQL databases as of Feb. 6, when it acquired Datos IO. Now it has a development toolset to use for all those use cases.

Rubrik’s basic value proposition is that it wants all its customers to forget about the intricacies of IT data storage management so its automated processes can handle all of it. Its scale-out software provides data protection of cloud-native applications that run in AWS, Microsoft Azure or both.

Polaris SaaS Platform: Unified System of Record

Polaris represents a big step forward for Rubrik in its evolution from a new-gen storage software provider to a full-fledged data management company. This is because the Polaris SaaS platform creates a unified system of record for business information across all enterprise applications running in data centers and clouds.

The system of record includes native search, workflow orchestration, and a global content catalog, which are exposed through an open API architecture. Rubrik and other developers will use these APIs to deliver high-value data management applications for data policy, control, security and deep intelligence. These applications address the challenges of risk mitigation, compliance, and governance within the enterprise, the company said.

Polaris GPS, the first data management application offered on the Polaris software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, delivers a single control and policy management console across globally distributed business applications that are locally managed by Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management instances.

Key benefits of Polaris GPS include:

  • Global Dashboard: An interactive global map instantly visualizes all applications and data contained across physical, virtual, and cloud topologies.
  • Custom Analytics and Reporting: A next-generation on-demand intelligence engine delivers actionable knowledge.
  • Global System Activity: A macro-view provides a quicker time to resolution for any system troubleshooting, enabling enterprises with large, complex environments to quickly identify, isolate, and prioritize incidents.

Global Data Management Policy: Enterprises can easily produce records to demonstrate global SLA compliance for data spread across on-premises and multiple clouds. Point-in-time activities across different applications and locations can be surfaced through search.