Our Expertise in Transforming Legacy Data Center Infrastructures

Legacy technologies have become a major challenge for enterprises meeting their IT strategic objectives and a change is needed to meet the growing demands businesses are facing.

Alturna-Tech understands the challenges and limitations faced by legacy incumbent technologies and delivers new, innovative, and disruptive solutions that:

  • Reduce the complexity of IT
  • Provide verifiable improvements and benefits to the business
  • Deliver a public cloud like experience
  • Are software defined
  • Provide automation
  • Are easy to deploy
  • Are easy to manage
  • Reduce IT cost
Our approach is to challenge the data center status quo, drive innovation in your business, and deliver the ultimate user experience
by providing differentiated services across Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Enterprise Data Management, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, HCI Networking, DevOps, SD-WAN and Security.

HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) – Time for a Different Approach!

With the growing demands of enterprise applications and IT teams looking for ways to deliver on-premise IT services with the speed and operational efficiency of public cloud services such as AWS, Azure and Google have made the legacy 3 tier architecture, with separate storage, storage networks, servers and siloed teams to manage – at risk of failure and being obsolete. These silos created by traditional datacenter infrastructure often present barriers to change and progress, adding complexity to every step from ordering to deployment to management.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Simplifies Datacenter Operations – Hyperconverged infrastructure streamlines the deployment, management and scaling of datacenter resources by combining x86-based compute and storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible turnkey building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays.

Alturna-Tech partners with Nutanix, the industry leader in HCI, to help enterprises transform and simplify their IT infrastructure. Nutanix makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power business. At the heart is the Nutanix Enterprise HCI Platform that natively converges compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. The world’s most advanced enterprises rely on Nutanix technology and solutions to power their most demanding workloads at any scale.

Enterprise Data Management – Don’t Backup, Go Forward!
Organizations of all sizes are looking for a way to ensure that their applications and workloads are protected, simply and completely—whether on physical systems or virtualized. As enterprise environments become more complex to manage and storage continues to increase and data becomes more distributed, the need for a single integrated solution for data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions increases.

With so many data protection issues facing companies using legacy systems, IT leaders are being forced to make strategic decisions to modernize their data protection strategy.

Alturna-Tech partners with Rubrik to provide a modern approach to backup and recovery and is helping enterprises revamp their traditional legacy backup and disaster recovery.

Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery for virtualized and physical environments, by providing an Enterprise Data Management solution that eliminates backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, deduplicated storage, instant, recovery, replication, search, archival, compliance, copy data management and analytics in one scale-out fabric across the data center and cloud.

Private Cloud Storage – The Challenge
IT leaders are being challenged to deliver agile, scalable and cost-effective storage for the ever-increasing amounts of unstructured data created by web-scale applications, file sharing services, backup data, archival data, online content repositories, sensors for IoT implementations and big data analytics.

With data growth exceeding 50% year over year, managing structured and unstructured data and its massive growth can quickly strain legacy file storage systems that are poorly suited for managing vast amounts of this data. Infrastructure leaders are looking for extensible on-premises storage solutions that offer the reliability, performance and flexibility that can address an increasing number of digital business use cases with lower acquisition and operational costs.

Alturna-Tech partners with Cloudian and Infinidat to help enterprises solve their biggest capacity storage challenges.

Cloudian enterprise object storage provides unlimited capacity scalability, intuitive management tools, uncompromising data protection and the industry’s most compatible S3 API implementation—all at 70% less cost than traditional disk-based storage systems.

INFINIDAT’s technology foundation delivers data storage solutions with high availability, exceptional performance and the lowest possible TCO at multi-petabyte scale.

Hybrid Cloud – Cloud Like Agility with Lower Cost and More Control
Public cloud services such as AWS, Azure and Google are forcing IT teams to re-think datacenter design to improve business productivity, reduce cost, complexity, management, and deliver services with cloud-like agility and scale.

IT management wants the business to react more quickly and effectively to the increasingly dynamic marketplace and values the fractional consumption and pay-as-you-grow economics of the public cloud, with the ability to deliver on-demand infrastructure with zero operational overhead, but at the same time have to take into consideration the following:

  • The balance of renting versus owning IT infrastructure to accommodate changing workload requirement
  • Cloud migration issues, unexpected costs, interoperability, security gaps
  • Lack of visibility and control
  • Keeping sensitive company and customer data secure and not exposed in the public cloud
  • Tailoring application performance and data protection SLAs to meet stringent business needs
  • The true costs of using the public cloud; data retrieval costs

There is no cookie-cutter approach to building a hybrid cloud, that is why Alturna-Tech partners with the industry leading solutions from Nutanix, Rubrik, Cloudian, Plexxi, Infinidat and Avi Networks to help enterprises build their on-premise hybrid cloud infrastructure and deliver a platform with the simplicity, agility and fractional IT consumption benefits of the public cloud.


A hybrid cloud approach enables customers to marry the benefits of public cloud-like agility and productivity with the low cost and control of an on-premises environment. These benefits allow a company’s IT team to shift to projects that are value additive to the business instead of just relegating those teams to simply “keeping the lights on.

HCI Networking – Traditional Networks Fall Short
As scale-out converged infrastructure and storage deployments are growing, the data center network is experiencing unprecedented stress and strain from the newly introduced storage traffic and scale-out applications. Traditional leaf and spine data center architectures are ill equipped to handle the large volume of highly bursty and unpredictable east/west and north/south traffic patterns that scale-out applications and storage introduces.

Hyperconverged networking, is designed to support the distributed nature of HCI deployments in a way that tightly integrates into mainstream HCI solutions and scales incrementally.

  • HCN is event-driven vs. protocol/CLI-driven like traditional networking solutions
  • HCN delivers a single network fabric that can securely run all network workloads, including LAN, SAN and application-specific workloads
  • HCN allows users to simply add switches without expensive and costly reconfiguration of the network

Alturna-Tech partners with Plexxi HCN™ To deliver enterprises a faster HCI time-to-deployment with significant capital and operating expense reductions and a solution that tightly integrates compute, storage, AND networking into a single, easily scalable solution.

SD-WAN – The Power of SD-WAN
Legacy wide-area network designs have proven unable to keep pace with the innovation in cloud infrastructure, new application design technologies, and pervasive low-cost Internet connectivity. Enterprises are embracing software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technologies that allow for greater access method flexibility, faster provisioning, better management visibility, and improved cost efficiencies. SD-WAN has emerged as the solution for enterprises increasingly dependent on the cloud and on requiring “anytime, anywhere” application access.

Alturna-Tech partners with CloudGenix enabling enterprises to confidently adopt the cloud, take advantage of diverse WAN links at branch offices, and align the management of their WAN with business policies.

CloudGenix provides the industry’s most robust SD-WAN solution and is an evolution beyond the traditional packet-based SD-WAN solutions that are available today.

CloudGenix AppFabric allows you to define top-down global policies based on business intent rather than fragmented bottoms-up configuration changes based on technical implementation.

With CloudGenix, you can easily integrate heterogeneous WAN connections for any site, take advantage of cloud and SaaS applications, improve visibility for app performance and SLAs, and dramatically simplify network operations.