NAS Storage Visibility and Insight

The exponential growth of data created by technology trends such as mobility, social media, IoT, cloud computing, AI, and Big Data has created a storage management and capacity challenge for today’s IT organizations.

The question becomes how to do more with less and manage your organization’s growing data sprawl? How do you accurately predict data growth to capacity planning? How do you leverage new storage solutions, such as HCI, hybrid-cloud, object storage or flash — all from multiple vendors and do all this without disrupting user and application access, while staying within constrained resources.

You No Longer Have To Make Critical Storage Planning Decisions In The Dark
Alturna-Tech’s NAS storage assessment will provide the following:

Visibility Across Your StorageGain visibility across your storage silos — see how data is growing, aging, and being used

Project Real ROIProject the ROI of data management strategies– Interactively assess the savings and impact of different archive, DR, and data management policies to see what works best.

Offset Expensive StorageOffset additional purchase of expensive storage and extend the life of your existing storage.

Intelligent PlanningIntelligently plan and manage your storage capacity based on business needs.
Forecast Future GrowthForecast future growth based on your data’s historical growth rates and usage.


No need to drive blind – Understand your NAS storage usage and receive insights into your data to cut costs and effort with the NAS Storage Assessment from Alturna-Tech.